Lookcollection encourages extremely adorable style senses which are deeply rooted in our rich culture & traditions. With time, the consciousness to encourage Indian artistry has tremendously increased. Along with that, the need for comfortable clothing tailored to suit different occasions and purposes which is why Lookcollection has given a new dimension to indian ethnic wear by making Kurtis a new cool among young Indian shoppers.


“With the growing economic independence of women, the demand for smart & affordable ethnic wear is all-time high. Now, it has turned mainstream and is worn daily.”


When art & comfort meets wearability Lookcollection was born! It was founded in 2020 by Vikas Chaudhary & Dipesh Bhavsar and parented by Lookcollection - experts in fabricating sarees for the last 2 years. Lookcollection houses an affordable premium range of women’s ethnic wear that exudes simplicity and class simultaneously. The garments are crafted considering the everyday needs & moods of women. The brand is a beautiful reflection of the love for Indian artistry on fabrics be it in the form of painting or weaving which has held up the legacy of years & pride of India intact. We create & curate a wide range of ensembles from various craftsmen across the nation & bring out the best of women contemporary clothing.